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By White Wood Studio

You Are Unique

Mermaid Notebooks

one of our work “You are unique mermaid notebook” , The little mermaid notebook journal with sweet design that are great for daily journaling and take important notes.

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White Wood Studio

White Wood Studio always having fun in creating beautiful design and art masterpiece and share with everyone, do subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep update our works from time to time.
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wake-up-and-be-awesome-kindle low content book mermaid-notebook-by-white-wood-studio

Wake up, and be awesome

“Wake up, and be awesome” is our another little mermaid notebook design, simple and sweet.

Nurse-practitioner-journal-kindle low content book notebook-design-by-white-wood-studio

Nurse practitioner journal notebook

Are you looking for “Nurse practitioner journal notebook” or as a gift for your friend? You may have a look at nurse practitioner notebook that design by us.

I-was-here-travel-kindle low content book notebook-by-white-wood-studio

I Was Here Travel Notebook

Where will you go? Where will you stay? What marvels will you see? Remember, make this travel journal your constant companion as you plot out, and this travel notebook is a perfect size to travel with you.

I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.

– Anne Frank

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Create a Life You Love

Travel Notebook

This travel journal planner notebook allows you to thoroughly plan for your trip, research places to visit, plan your budget, things to do and so on.
Create-a-life-you-love-kindle low content book travel-notebook

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